Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's an Otaku? Cheryl's birthday!

Cheryls birthday is today! June 6 ( 6/6/ 1980? Yeah 1980!) I'm Aug 8 ( 8/8 for those who might not have noticed.) But unfortunately we were not married on July 7. Bummer! Looking back we should have just gotten hitched on that day and planned the reception later. Anyway, Chery's day consisted of us driving to GR and picking up the last volume of BLACK CAT. Then eating at Mr Burger. Then shopping at the world store before heading home. Going to Grand Rapids is exhausting so now we are simply relaxing and fixing to watch the video. Oh! Otaku is the word that the Japanese use to describe a fanatic collector of Anime. Now ya know. Cheryl is on her way to becoming one....And before I sign off....More pictures of the kitten! the line in Black cat is, " if you have a bad cat, tie a bell around its neck to always know where it is," Cheryl thought this was fitting for Hiro.

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Little Dickens Designs said...

Happy birthday to your wife!!


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