Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three seats, no money and a wonderful sunset!

So tonight was seat carving day, but that does not mean we have any money. Basically all the money we got is immediately gone to bills, fees, shipping,, etc. I know what you are thinking...Why not just sell them for more money? Where does all the profit go? We have wrestled with this question for years now and even though our cost go up ( example, the seats cost has doubled since we started 5 years ago) the customer still thinks we are charging too much. And when we do increase out price, our sales drop dramatically. But enough of my complaining, It was a wonderful evening at the beach tonight, and the weather has gotten much warmer. It was one of those" no horizon line" days if you looked in the right place. see the sail boat hanging in the sky? To finish things off today, a little carving video of how things are done in China, or perhaps Thailand. Enjoy!

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LillyShayStyle said...

I was only able to watch half the video, lol. I need to know what they're saying! :)

I think the prices of your art are great! A lot of people just don't understand the costs and time behind the item...


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