Monday, June 22, 2009

Give me a hand for carving...

With the neckline that I carved this weekend, Cheryl then commissioned me to carve up a hand for her bracelets and rings that she will eventually make. This sounded good to me since I wanted some practice craving a human hand for my tree nymphs. And there was a wonderful article in the latest Carving Magazine that I just purchased! ( the pictures were rather lacking though.) Well, since this was an experimental exercise, I used pine again. It took a lot longer than I had thought, but I did not want to split, break, or carve off too much at a time. All in all, I think it looks pretty good, but I still have a few "touch ups" to do as far as sanding. The only criticism I have about it, is that I had to make it only 1and3/4 inches think so it looks rather flat from the top side. ( back of the hand) I also have to thin out the fingers a bit more so they will fit Cheryl's rings at their smallest setting. From the bottom though, I must say it almost looks life like. ( Pats self on back)


diy said...

Not an easy task. I suppose the fight is between the hand and the merchandice. I think you've hit the balance right.

MackTheKnife said...

If you're not careful you're going to wind up carving an entire human figure. Picture this: a life-sized human figure carved from a tree in your haunted wood! Better yet, give it a snarling wolf's head and really freak people out!

Nice job on the hand and neck. Hands are one of my bugaboos.


LillyShayStyle said...

That looks wonderful!
I hope you'll show us the finished photos as well :)


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