Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Night carving with the Io (ie: io) moth

Finished carving up the weekend seats. Only five tonight. But better than nothing. I noticed afterwards that the theme this week looks like it was "tropical island." I have not done a pelican in a while. Other than that, we had a visitor from the "giant silk moth" family. An Io moth is one of the smallest of the family. ( it might be THE smallest) it's still a rather large moth in comparison to the other moths around here. Instead of feeding it to the cats, ( they are just to pretty to let the cats bat them around and eat them) we took a few photos and eventually let it go back in a safe place. For those who don't know, they have only one purpose as an adult and that is to lay eggs and die. So, she won't be around much longer. She was a difficult subject to photograph with all her movement, but after thirty or so pics, we found a few we could show off. Enjoy!

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