Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wood nymph #2 day 2.

Worked on the tree carving again. Mostly on shaping the head and eyes. It was a lovely sunset this evening. So I just had to try to capture it. It has been getting cold in the evenings lately. Nice for the inland, but kinda chilly at the shoreline.

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Anonymous said...

Carver? From what I see, you do good work. I used to go to carving shows and was rendered speechless by some of the work I saw.

I love to carve in wood and stone. Used to sit out in my shed in freezing temperatures with gloves on and an oil heater going full blast trying to carve something and ended up doing a number of tombstones and names in marble and slate. I gave it up. Too much work for me. LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting there.

I hope you get to see my new blog about flowers. Our Flower Pot.


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