Sunday, June 21, 2009

What have I been up to this weekend?

Carving! Of coarse! In addition to seats, I worked on the wood nymph and gave her a haircut and worked on her neck and wing a bit. I also finished sanding the jewelry stand for Cheryl's shop. On our beach walk tonight, we found a Brilliant Beetle on the shoreline. I believe it is a tiger beetle, and it was quite large! Unfortunately it was pretty beat up from the water but this was the only picture I could work with. I really don't know what kind of beetle it is, but I could not find a similar picture of it online. Sunset at the shore were very pretty. the warmer weather is bringing out more people to the lake so our visits may be shortened very soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Oh! Found the beetle! A fiery Searcher! Read more here!

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