Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another display project

So with the Show coming up this weekend, Cheryl wanted me to make another display for more of her pencil pouches. This time she wanted them to have a tolled over look instead of the sharp edges of the last one. I must say I found this one easier than the first even with a mitered edge. Now I don't have one of those handy dandy band clamps for mitered edge glue ups, so I added a little block of wood in an unseen area so I could get some clamping pressure. I know the "blue tape" trick, however, I have yet to get it to work to my satisfaction. I usually like to clamp things nice and tight and get that glue to squeeze out nice and even. You can't really do that with blue tape. After I glued up the edge, I rounded off the corner with the router, Then it was just a matter of assembly. Cheryl wants to paint it later tonight so it should Be ready by Saturday. I also made another rainbow hanger for more wristlets and stockings. Oh! One other thing, I'm really beginning to like Gorilla glue. For those who have never used it, It's a resin glue that expands when it dries. This fills in any gaps that may occur when you are dealing with less than perfect lumber. This project was not a problem, But I thought it would be best to use in the event there was a small gap in the mitered edge.

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Handi said...


Damn dude you are kickin them out. must be nice to be RICH and can afford nice wood for projects lol.

Keep up the good work dude, pretty nice!



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