Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Display Project

Our Computer modem has been acting funny lately so I have been finding it frustrating to keep up with blogging. It seems to be holding out at the moment so I'm posting my latest project. It's nothing fancy, Actually it's pretty basic stuff. Cheryl wanted a new display for her wristlets to dangle from for the upcoming show this weekend. So I have been busy cutting pieces out of scrap plywood to make ti a reality. Nothing really difficult here, just draw on the design and cut it out with the jig saw. I wanted to make it so the feet could be taken off, but Cheryl thought it best to attach them permanently. So a long screw and some gorilla glue worked out well. Then the stain. She wanted it dark, but with the grain of the plywood showing through. Now all that is left is a quick spray on finish and some hooks for the wristlets. Should be done tomorrow. Red,
the shop cat, is alwasy ready to lend a hand!

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