Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tree carving Day 3.

Well it has been a long day for me. We got up early to get into a show this weekend and visit a shop that carries our stuff. All in all it was a successful trip. Then I came home and really got to work on the tree. Today I focused on proportions mostly and tried to continue the roughing process. I worked on the neck and collarbone as well as the hips and waist. It takes a long time to get things to where you are satisfied. I'm actually quite proud of how the hips and waist are coming along. She is suppose to have a slight twist in her torso so that her hips and slightly off center from her waist. Then her neck is going to be turned and her chin raised. I'm still curious if i can pull it off. The collar bone and neck have been taking much of my time but I think they are coming along as well. She started out with the collar bone very well defined, almost freakishly at first, but I was able to soften and lessen it to a point where it does not look so hulkish. I'm not sure what I will work on tomorrow, but I may start on the arms raised over her head. This could be a problem as I get closer to the rotted heartwood. Have a great night!

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L. D. Burgus said...

Looking good. I have a lot of respect for sculpting as I tried to teach it and people don't know how to think in the subtractive mod. You are doing well.


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