Thursday, October 29, 2009

To stain or to paint. That is the question.

Well I finished her up tonight. I debated for a while if I should just stain her and leave it at that, but the mottled color of the wood made her look deformed. I tried a darker stain but still was not satisfied, So I made the leap into paint. The flesh, hair and face were easy enough, but the body was a bit of a challenge. I still don't know if I'm satisfied with it, but I can aways repaint it. Cheryl suggested blue, but she ended up looking like wonder woman or a female version of the TICK! Then I toned it down with a greener glue and that seemed to work...for the moment. I really like the way the face turned out. And perhaps some day, I'll be able to display a full nude female in our front yard without any complaints from the neighbors. She looks like a ship mast head. One of the ultimate goals of my carving career would be to carve up one some day. Until then, I'll just keep practicing.


Handi said...


Not too Shabby my Friend. not sure if I like the colors, but a great job!


diy said...

Are you serious that neighbours might object to a nude wood carving? If so they have got problems. Aw well thats just my take.

A ships figure head is a big understaking, I've never done one. A friend, Susan Matrix completed one recently and I was really impressed.


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