Thursday, October 22, 2009

When it comes to hands...I'm all thumbs!

So today is day 4 of the tree carving and each day gets me a little closer to the end. Today I worked mostly on the arms. I was relieved to find out that the center heartwood is not as rotted as the previous two log sculptures. In fact, it's down right carvable! So I decided to break out the chain saw to help me a bit with the upper part in removing a large chunk of waste wood. Then I started in on the arms. I wanted her to have one arm up while the other one holding her elbow. As if she is stretching. Then I got to the hands.... At first they were progressing smoothly, then I asked my wife to show me a fist with her dainty little mitts and ARRGGG! I was giving my sculpture MAN HANDS! ( it makes sense after all, I was using mine as the reference) Well, I messed with them to the point where they stopped looking like hands altogether, But I think I might have salvaged it a bit. It was all about the thumb being too big for the hand. Well, tomorrow, I plan on starting with the face. We are in the detail part of the carving now, so It will probably take a long time to do seemingly very little. I'll try to post the pics at decent intervals. Enjoy!

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Giftbearer said...

Wow! These carvings are beautiful!


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