Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who ever said changing oil was EASY???

Ok! If you are a Mechanic, go ahead and laugh now, But GEES! So. My brother in law says that "even Eth can change his own oil" This is usually not meant as a compliment but translated:" Even an untrained monkey with a missing right paw can change his own oil!" Well, I'm here to say that I have proven something that is idiot proof, I have found a better idiot! I followed the directions, I drained the oil without a hitch, but I could not get the oil filter off. "Oh! It's only hand tight!" they say. RIGHT! Well, having never changed my own oil before, I didn't feel any need to buy a $10 single purpose tool that really was not required. Am I not just the biggest fool! Well, at least there is new oil in the car, but the old filter remains until my next attempt. I guess I can buy a cheaper 'oil filter remover tool' for the future, or just pay Valvoline to do it for me. OH! My lovely wife was nice enough to get some pics for my blog. I look more like a run over pedestrian than an auto mechanic. For today's purposes, I pretty much felt that way.


Handi said...


ROFL, I've got to say that's some Funny Shit.

What is even Funnier is the fact that on one of your Pics you have 2 Wood Clamps under you.

This isn't a woodworking or carving project my Friend lol.


A quick tip bout changing the Filter...

First, Take the new filter out, turn it upside down and put it back in the box.

Take your Oil and Fill the filter up a little at a time til it gets just about 1/8" Under the Threads in the center Hole.

Then, Dab a little on your finger and go around the rubber seal on the outter ring.

Now, Jack up the car, Drain the oil, easier this way cause the oil runs to the back of the oil pan where the drain Plug is.

After it's Drained, take the filter off, 3 ways you can do so.

1: A rag, held tight around the filter and twist off, it's true they are supposed to be hand tight no more, can tare up the threads on the pump, don't want that cause you'll have to replace it. If you can't get it off this way then.

2: Take a phillips Screwdriver, "This is the messy Method", and Skew it threw the side of the filter giving you leverage and twist it, but make sure you got drain pan under the filter, if you want the more professional way, then.

3: Buy a Filter Remover Tool which is well worth it, but if it's hand tight, no need for Options 2 or 3, but if you have to result to 2 or 3, then by all means lol.


Anonymous said...

Try a strap wrench. Cheap and versatile. It will do jam jar lids, pickle jar lids, varnish jars,bottle tops, etc. Anything with a grumpy thread.



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