Friday, October 9, 2009

Growing as a Carver

I was looking at some old pics the other day and came upon some of my early work. I have to tell ya that this is difficult to blog about because it looks so HORRIBLE compared to what I do now. However, it did sell and at the time, I thought it was pretty good. I thought it might be a great topic for one of those "before and after" shots. Back in the day when I first started, I used to freehand everything. Now at the time I thought this was what set me apart, unfortunately, I could not get much consistency with my drawings. After a while I discovered carbon paper! And the world opened up to me! I was able to get consistent results with my drawing, and the carving naturally followed. Well, you live and learn, and grow and develop. I like how I do things now. As for those old pics of my early work, HIDE AND BURN EM!!

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Handi said...


That's generaly how we grow as woodworkers, carvers, scrollers and other types of woodworking.

All of our mistakes, all of our adjustments and the likes, we learn as we go threw trial and error so to speak.

And you soon to learn that you have bettered yourself more then what you used to when you started!



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