Monday, October 10, 2011

Eden Of The East, The Ultimate Example of Kirigami Entertainment

Eden of the East is a very COOL anime with one of the coolest Ending themes. Cheryl and I purchased this last year and have started watching it again. It is a short series, but has a great hook. Basically a guy wakes up with a gun, a cell phone and 10 billion yen but not clothes and no memories. He has to save Japan with the 10 Billion yen to win a game that he is playing with 11 others. The winner lives, the losers all are "eliminated" Since the series ends on a cliff hanger, there has been two movies that are supposed to wrap things up. We have one but are missing the last instalment. Anyway, the real reason for the post is the ending. If you ever wondered what a career in paper cutting looked like, here is an example of it's final form. The Music is performed by the band "School Food Punishment" ( Cool Name, Eh!?) Enjoy the video!

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