Friday, October 14, 2011

Outside Fun with Hiro! And Celebrity Panera

The Cat, that is. He likes to talk ...a lot! And harasses me to take him outside all the time. So, Every now and then, I humor him .( Usually everyday) And we hang out outside where he can chase squirrels, rabbits , and the one chipmunk that hangs out by the side. Usually he just hangs out under the shed or climbs a tree. The animals tend to disappear after he has been outside for a while. The neighbor has a Ginko tree that is rather cool to look at. It is one of the only trees that still have a few leaves that have color. Anyways, I have found out where the Hollywood celebrities hang out when they want to disappear from the world. Iowa! Here in Panera, We see Steven Spielburg just about everyday! He's a regular. IN addition to him, We ocasionally see Meridith Baxter, Jason Robards, and John Belushie! It's funny, But everyday we see familiar faces right here in our little corner of Iowa and some of these people end up famous! Ok not really, Just because Cheryl and I identify them as these people, they are not. In fact some of these famous people are dead so it is impossible. But I'm sure some of you reading this have seen people that are dead ringers for a famous person. Perhaps I'll post pics so I can prove it....but it would be creepy asking total strangers to pose for a picture.

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