Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vampire Knight, One of those "Girly" Animes.

I usually don't like ranting about Animes that are not "bad" But This one...I just don't understand. Maybe it is a guy thing. It is obviously written for the female mind. ( not that that is bad...but if I live one million years, I will never be able to think like a girl.) Cheryl LOVES ( LOVES!) this show. It's baffling! I seriously do not understand the female obsession with Vampires. They seem like a disgusting creature from mythology. and then "interview with a vampire" had to come along and make vampires "cool". Well Vampire Knight tries to do the same thing. To be fair...it is not all bad. The guys are cool and always itching for a fight. I guess the HUGE problem I have is Yuki, The "PINK POWER RANGER" character that is ALWAYS getting cut ( drip drip "Oh! I'm bleeding in front of the night class") And is the most bossy yet HELPLESS character ever! Seriously! No one could possibly be this badly written and exist in real life. Oh! And did I mention she is CLUELESS! The only living brain donor. She lives with Zero for 4 years and has NO IDEA he was bitten by a vampire and is becoming one. Or why he hates Kaname, who is a pure blood vampire. Forget everything you know about vampires....this show breaks ALL the rules.....( day light, silver bullets, garlic, holy water...etc etc...)except the blood drinking...and even that is bent with "blood tablets". The only flaw the guys have is they have a thing for Yuki. Any REAL man would have dumped that drama queen years ago. The only thing she is GOOD at is getting the boys to fight and then taking the side of the loser. ( i.e. Zero...fitting name if you ask me.) Ok, Sorry about the rant. Cheryl hates it when I add commentary whenever she forces me to watch it...but, like I said before, she LOVES the show.. Anyway.....find out more here is you are interested.

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