Monday, October 24, 2011

More Names, Stockings, and Pencil Pouches!

This weekend Cheryl has been working on a few designs that have been bugging her ever since she thought of them. I know what it is like having a design in your head and just HAVING to make it. I actually think they turned out pretty good. She wants to add some contemporary designs in the mix, but the animal prints are easy to kick out at the moment. Even the plain one looked pretty good. While she was doing that, I was putting names on the stockings. I have to say, Charlotte really pushed the limits of the area. I had to move it up a Little so it would all fit. However, I think it turned out really cool. IN addition, Cheryl was finally able to get the purple felt that she has been desiring all summer. Our local store had a huge supply...until we needed it. ( it always happens that way!) So we had to wait to order it online. Well, I think it will be a hit. People are already requesting purple stockings so I can't wait to see what else we will be able to show them. Hope everyone has a great week! The weather has been fairly nice this weekend. And Autumn is going by really fast for us. Enjoy it!

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