Monday, October 3, 2011

Kirigami Dragons and Fish that can FLY!

I picked up a book the other day about Kirigami. ( art of paper cutting) I looked it over and thought," I can do that..." Well, granted, I did not have any patterns to go off of, but I think the dragons turned out pretty cool! Of coarse, white paper against a white background ( i.e. the ceiling) did not make the pictures turn out the best. So I had a little fun with Fixfoto and gave them a nice blue tone as well as helping the shadows show the definition. I may make more! I'm already formulating an idea to make some improvements on the design. I'd like to get the bodies more cylindrical without looking so much like a crumpled paper in spots. We shall see how it goes. As for the Poison water in Wellman.....ALL WEEKEND LONG! NO showers, no dish washing, no drinking.......what the HECK!?! I'm sure the water is not as TOXIC as they would want us to believe ( Americans DEMAND clean water!) so we have been taking showers ( well, YEAH! DUH!) And washing the dishes and the cloths. THe water never tasted very good even when it was CLEAN, so we never really drink it. We even buy bottled water for the cats. Mostly, It's that the Casies can't serve us up fountain drinks that really cuts into our lifestyle. ( Americans DEMAND Fountain Drinks at their local convenience stores!) Hopefully the "city workers" will get off their butts and work for their tax money. Instead of leaving a job half done on Friday and coming back on Monday to finish it! Sorry for the rant.....I WANT MY BEVERAGE!

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Malea said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog with the name of the origami book. This new paper art looks fun too! Your creations are great!


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