Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Stockings with NAMES! YEAH!

I have to say...putting these names on the stockings is FUN! And they REALLY look cool! We sold another three today and two of them with names. I'm just happy Cheryl allowed me to put the names on this year. I was the one who had to answer all those requests and sadly tell them "no" on the names. We just didn't know how to put them on in a permanent and stylish way last year. But now....things have changed! It took a while to figure out the process. ( you would think is is simple, but actually, it is a multi step process that requires some fine tuning from time to time. ) I like the results. I know it is not embroidered ( I think that would look cool as well) but until we spring for a $800 machine....and besides, that would require a delay on the stocking because we would have to put the name on first...then sew it up....and hope it is adjusted so it is centered. But, I digress....In addition to names, Cheryl has been working an a few new colors and designs. They might not look that special, but they are just slightly different. The Purple looks GREAT! Hope everyone has a great week this week. Enjoy what is left of the fall colors!

1 comment:

L. D. Burgus said...

You two do such quality work. The names do look good on there and I like the whole design of them


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