Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harvest Time In Iowa. All That GOLD!

It's true that I seem to be a little snarky lately about Iowa. Whether it is the Fashion or the weather or the Fall color. I seem to be a little snippy when blogging about it. However, there are moments here that are actually quite nice. The last several weeks. the weather has been wonderful! I have always been fond of Autumn anyway, but the days are warm and the nights are nice and cool. Nothing extreme either. We have been able to sleep with the windows open and have not had to turn on the heat or air for a while. Also, It's Harvest time! The Fall color is lacking...unless you like yellow. Everything is yellow here! Most of the trees, all of the corn, and even the soybeans. Not to mention the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Fan Base! It's pretty cool watching the large farm equipment rolling around in the fields. The trucks filled with grains being hauled over to Kalona Seed and Feed. The soybean fields look like well groomed lawns while the corn fields look like bad hair! I imagine that this is the best time to be a farmer. With the setting sun and the harvest moons being so pretty while you cash in your crops. So....if you are thinking about is the best time to be here.....

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