Friday, October 28, 2011

A (good) Day In The Life Of Allenbrite Studio! ( i.e. Cheryl and Ethan)

Well what is there to say? I guess I have very little else to blog about and rather than side track on another tangent, I thought I would give the run down of a typical day at Allenbrite. I say "Typical, but it is actually a fairly good day today. We made a major sale that we were planning on for months. I guess "relief" comes to mind as well as excitement. There is nothing really like making a large sale! So to start things, we head out the door with our packages to the post office. We have three to choose from, but your local one has strange hours, so most of the time we head to Kalona or Coralville. Then it is off to the mall for Breakfast/lunch. Panera is there and today is Friday which means...SOUP! Clam Chowder to be exact. Nothing beats starting the day with a warm bowl of creamy goodness. (Except maybe making a HUGE sale!) Then it is back to work. Luckily, we don't have to move from our booth. We just sit back, log in and take note of the sales. Cheryl has to answer questions, while I make Origami. Actually I will be answering questions as soon as Cheryl gets so busy she can't be bothered with them anymore. Until then, I drink my coffee and fold paper....and blog. After this we will grab some Panda garden and head home to assemble the orders we received today. Then chillax with popcorn and an Anime. ( unfortunately we are still watching vampire knight.....but it is getting better now that we are in "guilty" season) Doesn't that sound like a great time? The best part is I get to hang out with Cheryl and the Cats all day long. ( well, we can't bring the cats to the mall) Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm sure we will be busy as well.

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Paula Grady said...

You two are amazing! Thanks, Cheryl, for the kitty keychain and Ethan for the vase.

~ Paula


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