Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Could this be the end of the Subaru?

One day from retirement, and she dies.....It's very very sad. It turns over but there seems to be no spark getting to the engine. Add that to a laundry list of other problems and the fact that we were stranded in Iowa City with very few options other than to panic, break out in a cold sweat, and begin having fits of rage and anguish. The Subaru is over 21 years old with over 300,000 miles ( that is WELL over 1/3rd of a million miles!) And things are beginning to fall apart and Andy ( Cheryl's brother, the Subaru mechanic) is still in Michigan. So there is a very good chance he will not come to save the day. Add that to the rust, cracked windshield, old tires, numerous electrical problems and you will see that the decision toe put it out to pasture might seem a little overdue. Well, No final decision has been made as of yet, But the people at the bank might want us to make one soon before it spends another day in their parking lot. On a bright note, one of the bank tellers gave us a ride to Wellman to get our other car ( the winter Subaru!) It runs great as of this moment, And we were going to change over to the blue one after today anyway. ( the climate control actually WORKS in the blue one) Car problems are such a drag , yet loads of entertainment for my I will keep you all posted on how things turn out. Wish us luck!

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