Monday, November 28, 2011


Do I sound a little frazzled? Perhaps. We are selling quite a bit of stockings lately and our supplies are dwindling as we scramble to keep up. IT is all we can do to juggle the supplies, orders and conversations with our customers. WHOOHOO! And to add just a LITTLE more stress ( because that is not enough yet) The DRIVEWAY is still drying! IT has been over 10 days now, and carrying two tubs filled with packages 200 yards to our car on a cold ( COLD) day is not very fun. Not to mention each day we go to Iowa city, we have additional supplies and other things that we have to carry BACK! Ok, I'm focusing on the driveway a little too much because it is just that one extra inconvenience that is really bugging me. As far as was fun. We had turkey, stuffing, gravy and pumpkin pie. I probably gained 20 pounds! Ok maybe not 20...but I definitely ate too much. Hopefully our eating habits will get back on track as well as our grip on the Christmas rush/ situation. Every sale is a blessing....but as for that driveway.....GRRRR!

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