Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Putting out the Fires at Allenbrite Studio....

Today was one of those days where you sit back, get out of the kitchen, and grab the Arm and Hammer to put out the grease fires that keep plaguing your cooking. So far it seems we are doing ok on fire control. We had four fires flaming out of control but now are down to two as of this posting...Cheryl is working on the last two. First one was the brakes on the car...Got them fixed this morning. Second was the snowflake buttons. It has been a week since we started the process and hopefully, it has been taken care of. ( fingers crossed) I'm still hoping to purchase more as we are blowing through the few buttons we have left at a breakneck speed! I really will get a better night sleep if they arrive tomorrow. And then there is the felt. Two orders of felt have been delayed because the felt company charged the wrong card at the wrong time. ( FUN!) Cheryl is trying to untangle the mess as I write this. It should be ok, they just have to enter the correct card number for the correct order. I'm not even sure how they messed it up as Cheryl makes sure the numbers match the order when she places one. Well...IN the mean time we continue to sell stockings at our maximum capacity. So that leaves very little time to deal with any problems. Hopefully everything will be straightened out soon and we can navigate the next wave with a clear slate. BUSINESS IS FUN! What a ride, EH?

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