Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Driveway DONE! A Major Victory for Cheryl and Ethan....

So our small acts of driveway terrorism actually paid off.....Or the cement finally dried and the time had run out....Either way! We can USE the DRIVEWAY! I was the first to drive on it....cough, cough... Yep! I'm sure the message was sent when we cut the caution tape that last time. We were not messing around. So this means I can finally get that cat litter out of the trunk along with all the other heavy items...and I can finally clean the car out....YEAH! In other news, Cheryl and I worked till 4:30 am last night. ( this morning) And Cheryl might be a little cranky...I don't know why....However we did catch up all the weekend felt orders....OH! I forgot to mention that the felt arrived yesterday and was left at the end of the driveway...again! Only this Time it was about a 40 lbs box! Which I had to lug all the way and ended up frazzled and ticked by the time I arrived at the door to our apartment. Good thing Don was not there at THAT time....Well, It's all good now....and tonight I will have to cut a lot of stockings and we can Begin work on yesterdays orders. So far we are only one day behind...but if we stay home tomorrow...I'm sure we can be back on track....We shall see..

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L. D. Burgus said...

Thank goodness you don't have to wait any longer on that driveway. We had an electric disconnection because of a storm and they were just not caring much about getting it fixed. Finally a neighbor told them that an old elderly person lived there and he was crippled and they needed electricity and it was an emergency. They hung the wire to our outside kitchen connection in less than fifteen minutes. You two are working hard and making wonderful things.


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