Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rhino at the Panera, Stockings, And Black Butler ANIME

So it started out as a typical day at the Coralville Mall. It's cold today, and rainy. But the coffee was warm and the excitement was just beginning with an Origami Rhino on the table. I was fairly proud of this one, even though it was quite small. Someone snapped it up right away, so it I was not alone in my opinion. Cheryl says I should trade them on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, The rush has begun and Cheryl has added a couple more colors and designs to the store. She was going for a little more color and style this time, instead of keeping things "real". We also got a request for a skunk today. I have always thought that skunks could be cool, they just are misunderstood. They are cute and pretty actually, when you take a moment to look at them. And Finally, We have been enjoying Black Butler...the Anime. It's great fun the second time around. I forgot some of the cool parts. IF you are an Otoku, this one is worth giving a try. Then again, if you ARE and Otoku, you probably know more than me about the latest anime. Here's the Second ending. Its eerily entertaining. Enjoy!

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L. D. Burgus said...

You are a marvel at folding paper. That is a wonderful animal and it looks difficult to fold.


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