Monday, November 14, 2011

Making Snowflake Buttons!

That is CORRECT! I'm in charge of the buttons for the stockings now, and that includes MAKING them. You see, the supplier seems to be unable to keep up with our demand, ( isn't it always that way?) So I have been saddled with the task of finding a solution to this problem. After several trials, I found an alternative that even Cheryl approves of. I have to cut the snowflakes out with a punch, punch out two holes, and then shrink them in the oven. It's very much like baking cookies, only they do not smell as nice. And you can't get as fat eating the finished product, ( but you will get as sick) So, there you are! You have to make sure you get a punch large enough because these smaller ones Cheryl believes might be TOO small. I'm very pleased with the results, however, they still take a lot of time to make. Hopefully Cheryl will be able to track down the Wholesale button manufacture so we can get a box of the buttons we need. We seem to be going through the snowflakes fast! And I prob ably will not have the time to make them as I did this weekend. We shall see....

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