Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flat tires, Crazy sales, And An Iowa Secret revealed!

The sales were crazy this weekend! But Cheryl and I have caught them up and everything is looking rosy. And then.....We come out in the dark to see that another tire has deflated. This coming on the heels of the misty dawn Subaru dying. It puts a new importance on this year's sales being better than ever! And Adds a car to our wish list. Well, in typical fashion, we got it fixed straight away this morning. But that is not the really fascinating thing. All this time I have thought that the broken leg fashion statement here in Iowa was due to the leg getting caught in a Combine during the harvest. WELL! The truth is revealed yesterday when one of the locals was telling a story about him smashing pumpkins and twisting out his knee as he tried to kick them! So Another Darwin award should be honorably bestowed to these people who kick pumpkins and break their legs! I'm not sure if this is universal here in Iowa, But there are a LOT of leg casts walking around here. More than I have ever seen before anywhere else.

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