Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Apartment Adventures In WELLMAN, IA.

Flooding, power outages, Heating problems, Poisoned water, And now Crevasses! When the WORLD rends ASUNDER! Could this be a disaster site in some distant third world country? NO It is another adventure in Wellman, Iowa. They decided, now, as winter approaches, that this would be a good time to rip up our driveway/7th ave. This is just the beginning! They plan on repaving it next week so for the 10 days after that, we will have to park on the road. Now, I know many of you are saying, "big deal, drive around the construction." If you don't know Iowa, Their lawn is their CATHEDRAL! Seriously! I have never seen a people so religious about their lawn as these people in Iowa. Lawn work is like Sunday MASS! Raking leaves is like communion! I can not imagine the wrath I will invoke if we were to drive on that immaculate green carpet. So that leaves walking from the road to the apartment with our stuff. It's not too bad as long as it is not dark or you do not have any thing heavy. (It's rather distant, more so than the picture may imply) So that should be fun to look forward too. It's almost a Blessing that the car DIED! At least we didn't have to park that on the road as well. ( that is a joke) With so many things throwing our peaceful routine into chaos, We are doing our best with sales, cats, and estate trustees. I can hardly wait till things REALLY get crazy! ALSO The Spartains beat Iowa 37-21 today. Payback for the humiliation of last year. WAY TO GO SPARTANS!

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L. D. Burgus said...

Out of protest, I don't rake my leaves until they have all shriveled up and then I mow them into a dust. I also get stern looks from neighbors for not mowing my lawn every week on Saturday. I mow whenever and the law say 6 inches is too tall. Yes, Iowa has a lot of uptight people.


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