Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tags, Names, Origami, And Stockings.....Oh MY! A Christmas Wolf?

We finally got caught up just before the weekend and we are once again behind! YEAH! Cheryl was wise enough to order felt from the wholesaler, but even that will take some time to get here. At least we have some left over felt from the store that we can use. In the mean time, We worked on the Wholly Craft order this week with key fobs, pencil pouches and perhaps even a stocking or two. Then there were the names....I was quite happy with the way the purple turned out. It's quite striking. And then there is the new origami paper I have been experimenting with has shown some great promise! I can't wait to see how far I can push it. In the mean time, the deer and horse turned out pretty good. Compare with the Tyvek mouse and you might see the differance. At least with the new paper I don't have to burn my fingers with the heat gun to melt it into shape. Oh! And you will be the first to see the finished Wolf stocking! Isn't he cute? We decided that the blue eyes were more fitting since the black or brown ones just looked plain. I can't wait to see the reaction when Cheryl lists him in the shop!

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