Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A New Red Dragon? Something is Fishy, here.

Once again I have a cat on my lap preventing me from typing properly,  However, I will soldier on and try to post at least one posting this week. DSC_5605DSC_5607

I guess I will begin with the dragon.    I like this dragon better than the earlier one so I ended up replacing it on my Etsy site.  No one will probably even notice as I’m not getting much traffic anyway.   It’s all good though,  I knew the market for origaim in the beginning anyway.

In addition to the dragon, I have been working on some goldfish in a variety of colors.  I like them!  And the pictures turned out pretty good as well.   I am particularly happy with the illusion I created using scrapbooking paper.  It makes the fish look like they are in the water. 

On a last note:  I finally got a seed to grow in my small nursery in my room.  I jealously ranted on another blog about how I could not get anything to grow in my little “kits” even after following all the instructions.  I mentioned that if I did not have anything pop up this week, I was going to throw them all outside and curse my black thumbs for failing to grow anything.  However, It looks like have three small tomato plants popping up.   Only three…so far… and no catnip yet.  But I do feel encouraged and will not throw them outside just yet.  Wish me luck in the future of growing tomatoes in the front yard.

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