Sunday, March 24, 2013

Simple Origami Frogs

DSC_5542Well,  Nothing new here, I just like to fold them.   I decided to fold a bunch up in different colors to see how they would look together.   Primary and simple colors were the only restriction.  Well,  and that they were cardstock and wet-folded.   Other than that…well what else is there to say?  I just wanted to move that horrible IHOP post down a bit so I am not constantly reminded about Boring Food. 

ope everyone is having a fine weekend!  It’s snowing once again here in Iowa.   When will winter give up and go away?  Perhaps this post will help you think of spring….somehow…I Don’t know…The colors!! I guess. 

1 comment:

L. D. said...

You have some great shots of these guys. I like the leaf folding you created to display them. We went by the other day on our way to Chicago.


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