Friday, March 15, 2013

Origami Deer of the World? Why the Obsession?

A throw back to the carving days.   I once thought, naively,  that I was going to be a great artist if I could only find that special thing that set me apart.   I have become a little  ( only a little!)  wiser since then and after selling my entire “Deer of the World “ collection for  mere $500 that that idea is just too simple.   And yet…I continue down the same road once again..   Why?   Why do we humans repeat the same mistakes? 

To those who may not know, I was once a carver ( hence the name of the blog) and I once upon a time carved every member of the deer family that have walked on this planet.   Including deer that are now extinct.  My hopes and dreams for a museum to recognize my artistic aspirations ….well…lets just say they never really worked out as I had imagined. 

With that bitter memory still in the forefront of my mind, I have decided to hang up the chisels and carving tools and picked up a piece of paper to repeat the same mistake.  Well…mistake may be a bit harsh.  How about the same road that will most likely lead to a dead end …..again!   Meaning that I have been, unwittingly,  folding the deer of the world….in origami!   Why?  I do not know.   What is this pull that forces me to find antlers so enticing?  Perhaps it is something deeply bound in my psyche of which  even I am not fully aware.  But before I get too long winded off a digression…..I’ll finish my original post idea. 


I folded an origami version of the Irish elk,  the fallow deer, and another, more anatomically correct moose.  I am very happy with the moose, but the Irish Elk and Fallow deer need to be rethought a bit.  The Irish elk was folded with a large piece of thin paper.  Similar to the caribou…but I tried to insert wire into the legs to help it stand.   It DOES!…although I believe the looks suffer for it.   I was rather proud of the antlers though. 

The Moose and fallow deer turned out better folded out off cardstock.  They are able to stand on their own legs and look pretty cool.   The fallow deer’s head is a little ‘off’  but overall the shape is nice, as well as the antlers.  The Moose is a second attempts and worked out much better this time. 

I have no hopes of grandeur with these little guys.   They are just an itch that I must scratch.   And who knows where I could go with this?   I’m still thinking about the possibilities,   but for now,  I’ll just keep folding the guys and perhaps try keeping a few notes. 

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