Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wet Folding the Origami Moose

DSC_5408DSC_5410I was quite proud today, as I finished listing an additional 6 things to my shop.  And I stumbled upon a technique for folding an Origami moose out of cardstock…that looks pretty awesome!
DSC_5416DSC_5417First things first.   I’m typing this with a cat under my arm…making even the simplest of sentences a challenge.  Next,   have been focusing on Origami frogs because they are pretty simple to fold,  look cool,  and I‘ve been folding them long enough to make them look good.  Plus I found this really great patterned cardstock paper that give the frogs another dimension.  Add a creased leaf and you have a piece of art! 
DSC_5411DSC_5414It was while folding these up when I came up with my idea.   Similar to the dragon,  what if I folded up certain sections of a design that took up too much paper.   After a little experimentation,  I folded up the origami Moose!   I’m very excited on how this prototype turned out.  I can’t wait to explore these ideas even farther.   For now,  I’ll have to cut this short as the cat is making my arm tired and I still have to post this tonight.  hope everyone is having a great week so far…and TGIF tomorrow! 

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