Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Des Moines Trip, Origami Elk and Caribou…finally!

We spent most of the day on the road traveling to Des Moines for a little shopping and time out of the house.   It was fun!   And although it took a large portion of the day, I still had time to snap a few pictures of the Elk that I promisedDSC_5462DSC_5463DSC_5465DSC_5466 myself I would post.   I’m actually quite proud of this guy,  but then there is the Caribou!
It’ is true that the caribou excels in some areas but is utterly lacking in others.  First the good:  The antlers area AWESOME!  The contrasting paper makes for a nice model that looks very complicated.  Then there is the bad:   The legs are still too weak to stand it up on it’s own.  The neck is strong, and I was able to make somewhat of a beard, but I should have designed it a little better.  I had the paper to spare, but I had to paste things into shape because thin paper does not have much of a sound structure by itself.

 DSC_5477DSC_5476Now, perhaps I could have made this work out better if they had cardstock in larger sheets!  But even with this thin paper,  there where places where the paper began to rip from the stress.  Ah well,   that is what folding is all about.    Think up a design,  try a paper type and then fold it!  If it does not work out,  change something!
Now perhaps a master artist could figure out some  things before they get this far.  Of maybe their success is an illusion in that they have experimented several times and finally present a flawless model.   Who knows?  I’m going to continue with the cardstock for now as the larger models take up too much space in our small apartment.  I’m going to have to eventually put my shop on this website.   Perhaps I will work on that later this week.

In addition,  it continues to snow here in Iowa,  even though the weather channel told us it was going to be in the 40’s today.  It is true much of the earlier snow melted this weekend,  but it seems like that northern air is trying it’s best to mess up our early spring.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far…..And lets all cross our fingers for warmer weather!

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