Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fate Zero! Awesome Anime Prequal to Fate Stay Night.

I somehow managed to talk Cheryl into watching Fate Zero.  An action anime about the quest for the holy grail.  This particular anime happens before Fate Stay Night.  This one is a little darker...( Ok, a LOT DARKER!)  There are psychotics,  Assassins, murderers ( I know,  redundant...but slightly different) and lots more blood!   Not for the "made for TV crowd.  
To boil it all down:  Every generation, Mages from several families fight a war to gather the Holy Grail.   The Grail grants one wish to the winner then disappears.  The grain chooses who will fight from each family and who the winner will be.   Pretty easy so far to follow, right?   Now things get confusing a bit...
 The chosen mages choose a 'servant' to fight for them in the upcoming war.    However,  these are not mere servants,  they are HEROS from the past with magical powers.  Each hero differs in their ability and are so named..  i.e. Archer,  Saber, Lancer,  Rider....Etc.  If a servant dies,  the master is out. Unless he can get another servant.  If a master dies, the servant will seek out  new master and keep fighting.    Now the stage is set...I hope you will want to watch it.

The fight scenes are pretty cool along with the animation....not to mention Fate Stay Night happens right after this war.   Cheryl and I are still in the middle of it,  so I'm excited to see how it all pans out.   I may even have to re-watch Fate Stay Night to  remember how things went down with the background filled in finally.  Watch Fate Zero now on Crunchyroll!

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