Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh Snow Low Mee oooo!

DSC_5360DSC_5359DSC_5361It continues to snow here in Iowa.   Iowa!  I thought this was one of those states where winter ends early and the spring begins in March.  I’m not the only one,  Robins are all over the place here and the snow is now about 6-8 inches deep!  I feel bad for them, even though there are still lots of crab apples and choke cherries for them to eat until they can reach the bare ground.  Still,  I would like to think that I am not alone in my thinking that spring should have been here yesterday. 
I remember a time when Snow used to make me happy.  Ah those colorful days of my wondrous youth!   Where have then gone?  Now 2 inches of snow after
December ticks me off!  The Cold, The wind, The Slippery roads all grade on me like fingernails on slate.  I was talking to Cheryl today and I guess Alaska is no longer on the table.  I mean, summers are great! But those winters are probably as bad as this, I have just forgotten them. 
DSC_5342In other news,  I have been working on the shop trying to polish it up a bit to make it look more presentable.  I currently have all 9 items that I previously folded for the grand opening and worked on the banner for several hours today. Funny how those descriptions seem to take so long. Well,  we went to Iowa City today and I found some really cool paper I can’t wait to try out!  From now on,  it’s all down hill…unless I make a sale.  Hmm.  Not sure how I will handle that yet, But we will face that hurdle when we get to it.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday.   As for me,  I’m about to watch another episode of The Unlimited!   Great Anime!  Listen to the Opening and give it a try on Crunchyroll!

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