Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Origami Stag. With a side of Lobster and Onyx

I’m running out of ideas for titles that don’t repeat themselves.  I mean,  Origami Deer,  Origami lobster……all been done before!  I still have to remind myself what is actually in the post though.   So,  with Cheryl looking up cool and unusual places to eat that remind us of japan,  I thought a title that sounded like dinner would be interesting. DSC_5509DSC_5511DSC_5512DSC_5516

But enough of that!   I finished an Origami Red Deer, Also known as a Stag deer ( stag can also refer to the male gender of the red deer…but now we are getting complicated and off track) I thought I would fold it with black paper because:  One,  Black is cool.  Two, Stylized deer are cool!  Three,  Who wants a “red”  Red Deer?  And Four,  I only had one large sheet of cardstock left…and it was black.

In the end, I think it turned out as elegant as I had wanted.   There were moments of struggle….but what is life without a little struggle?   Boring! I guess.   And I always need something dramatic to blog about.

I also folded up a blue lobster and a couple of Scimitar Horn Onyx.  I focused on the legs of the lobster rather than the antennae.  It’s a little more manageable without them.

Then there are the Onyx.   These guys are quite the challenge to get those horns on there.  I’m sure there are easier ways ( and I hope I will discover them!)  But I wanted to go for a tapered look that still allowed the horns to fit in the designated glue area.  Through trial and error, I ended up putting a strip of the horn over the ear and a little bit down the eye.   I still have to fine tune that one before I’m ready to list it in my shop.  Perhaps I should start writing down the methods I use as those can be almost as challenging as the folding part.   Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  It’s sunny here in Iowa, but cold….which sucks!  I managed to change the oil in the new car before the snow began to fall yesterday.   Just one small step to getting the ret of my universe in order.  

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