Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side

Walking through the jungle of CORNCheryl ran 20 miles yesterday, so tonight, we decided to take a recovery day and walk around he country roads instead.  It has been a while since we actually “walked” these country roads.  Butters are easier to Identify Ever since Cheryl has taken up running, she now thinks walking is too ‘slow” and would rather the run to get it over with faster.  For me,  the only  thing different from the bike riding is the distance.


Painted Lady  butterfly in mid flightOne of the cool things about walking is you can see the world around you a little closer.  Butterflies can be seen and identified better.   It still is a challenge trying to capture them on film though.  Still, I think they look kind of cool in a bSulphur and a White flying,  they look like Farieslurry flight photo.  It makes them look like some mythical Fairies. 

We decided to take a different route than normal.   One that takes us by Cows rather than horses.  Cheryl surveys the Cows

It has been a rather glum day today. The Grandmother Cow with all of the young ones.  Humid and overcast for the most part.   Also, I have been battling this stupid cold for over a week now and am ready to be done with it!   The “tough” stuff is over, but the lingering cough and sniffles really get on my nerves lately.  I’m not sure if the humid weather helps or hinders the recovery. 

Cheryl is doing much better with her version of tThese roads are cool...when they are not muddy!he cold.   She is actually thinking she might want to run 15 mils tomorrow at the 8 minute per mile pace.  Overcast, gloomy, and depresed....This is My world with sniffles.She seems to have skipped the coughing phase of he cold.  Lucky her!   you can run with sniffles, but not a cough. 

It is supposed to get hot over this upcoming week.  Hopefully we will be able to get a few long runs in before the really bad stuff hits us.  Even yesterday, we finished the 20 miles JUST as the rain began to fall.  It pretty much rained on and off all day yesterday. 

DAVIS!  What a cool catAnd lastly,  a few shots of the neighborhood cats.   This is Davis…..he lives down the street.

And these guys live above us.   They are very young and These guys are very friendly.rambunctious. And I hear,  very friendly to strangers. 

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