Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Inability to Make It rain

dry-well of creativity Life as a Creative can be challenging when the Well Spring of Creativityboston-cream-donut- I love these things! runs dry.  Lately, I have been unable to fold or write or do much of anything!   It would appear that the only thing I HAVE been able to do is eat lots of Boston Creme Donuts and watch endless videos on YouTube as I wait for the inspiration to rain down upon me. 



Rogue cops?  Say goodbye to the 4th amendmentHowever,  watching endless YouTube videos seem to only give me a serious case of “Bad World Syndrome!”   I’m now convinced that the world has only two types of people:   Serial Killers and Rogue Cops!



Parking in Russia....Good Job!I guess I could add in “Bad Drivers”;  However, most of those are  (Thankfully) in Russia.  

  How YouTube manages to “custom tailor” my viewing suggestions  by looking at my past viewing history,  I will never know.   However,   I somehow continue to watch the suggested videos and thus;  I’m caught in an endless cycle of guilt and paranoia.

mind-control via You Tube!  I KNEW IT! It’s like an addiction!   Perhaps there is some signal piggybacking on the electron wave or flickering pictures that each video sends.   This signal  ( obviously placed there by either the shadow government…or space aliens…Or BOTH) was meant to exert a basic mind control on the unsuspecting masses. cerebralcortex.  Alien Signal Receiver! A form of Mind Control…if you will.  The signal travels to the inner reaches of the Cerebral Cortex, causing us to veg out and become zombies.  We lose all motivation and creativity.

fbz_fcc585b4662afb3fd0686b5da36f42e0 I would like to have a better outlook on humanity than all the dark stuff.   Humans can’t be all that bad….right?   We do so many cool things like write music and cook food.  Everyone loves those cat videos and “future gadgets” infomercials.  Why must I gravitate towards the Dark side?  

Truth be told,  I sort of like the “dark side”…in moderation!  Of coarse!  Viewing into corners and alleys where I would NEVER tread in real life is something of a curiosity for me.   I drive the speed limit..Do not use drugs…Avoid Fights….Obey Traffic signs and signals.  Basically,  I’m a wimp…..or upstanding citizen.  ( which ever one sounds best)  And isn’t that what the Government wants? Wimpy_Medallion   I'm a "Winner!" ( or the Alien Race that is planning on taking over the Earth!)  And the Aliens are n control of EVERYTHING! Perhaps this conspiracy theory is another layer of the governments plan….or a hidden message from the future resistance fighters who have managed to send a signal back in time.   Man!  I really have to stop watching  YouTube….



A Bright Idea...for a changeOn a brighter note,  Cheryl has given up ( temporarily anyway) on the job search;  opting to make some key rings for the Iowa Shop instead.    More Felt KeyringsAt least she is Doing something!  ( Unlike myself!) Then again, I should probably cut myself a little slack since I just finished a project 5 days ago and have another one lined up in two weeks.  She has informed me that she will eventually require some embroidery for the “Iowa Key chains”.   Perhaps that will trigger something inside me to actually become productive again.  

Ceiling hole..."almost" fixed. Other than that,  guess things are nice and boring around here.  The weather seems nice ( though a little too hot for my taste) and the Landlords are still ( Three days now!) trying to fix the leaky ceiling in the bathroom.   We currently have a VERY large hole in the ceiling.   At least they now know what is causing the leak and have formulated a plan on how to fix it.   I have ( almost) every faith that they will fix it by the end of the week….end….hopefully.   We shall see. Anime!  The Only cure fro You Tube Mind Control!

In the mean time,  I had best avoid You Tube and instead focus on finding another really great Anime to watch.  It’s a better substitute.   They almost always have a positive moral message and try to shape humanity for the better.  Plus the Japanese seem to have a serious fear of “big Government”  taking over the populous. 

Finding new animes are challenging.   There are thousands of the out there, but finding a “good” one is the hard part.  Ah well,  the search continues……as well as the hope that my creativity will return in a timely manner.   Hope for the best!

Will Smith and Tom Jones!  I'm a FAN!    DISCLAIMER:   I feel weird putting these after every post lately,  but I’m JOKING!   I’m really not a conspiracy nut.  (Though it is fun to “pretend” from time to time) These ramblings are because I’m currently BORED and have nothing to write about in the real world….And since no one reads this blog…. I should be safe from the Men In Black taking me too seriously or even finding me out.   Hmmm…. Maybe next time I’ll write about my alien abduction experience….( with out all the “probing”)

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