Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cheryl’s Blue Moon Run!

DSC_2214  15 miles today!  In the early morning.   Like 5 A.M.!  We beat the Chickens on this one.   By the way…Chickens are VERY fast!   I managed to snap this blurry pic of the rooster ( they are also VERY noisy in the morning) before he ran away.



They said it was supposed to be a blue moon last night/this morning.   Well, the moon certainly was bright and available for viewing.  I’m not really sure if it was as Blue as the name suggests.  However,  I snapped a few pics of it anyway, just to make a note.

DSC_2249Most of the early pic of Cheryl running looked like an impressionist painting through someone else’s prescription glasses!  A blurry running of colors and shapes.     The lighting…for all it’s beauty and early morning glory…did not translate into an awesomely artistic picture of Cheryl running.  DSC_2281 Add into the mix my shaky bike camera and only about 20 pictures out of 300 made the cut!    But that is ok, since we live in a digital world and being able to take dozens of shots to capture that one “good” one is economically possible… just requires time to weed out the bad ones.DSC_2327

So, with all that said,  we simply ran another 15 miles…dodging rabbits and chasing hawks as we trotted ( or my case, pedaled.) down the path.   Several times I thought Cheryl was going to step on a rabbit.  She almost tripped over a Vole!  ( think: small mouse with a short tail that looks like a Mole) DSC_2358

The temp was good for the morning.   They must have done some maintenance on the trail with some Roundup Herbicide.  The bugs were not bad and overall it was a pleasant run.  The highlight of the run was probably the hawk that graced us with his persistent presence.   He would fly down the trail and roost just up ahead of us. DSC_2378 Each time we got close, he would jump out again and fly down the path a little further.   He must have stayed just ahead of us for several miles, swooping down low almost touching the trail each time.   There simply was no way to capture him with the “shaky cam”.   I thought, with all the rabbits and rodents running around previously, that we would see him actually catch something for breakfast.   DSC_2473He DID make the black birds and sparrows angry though.   It was a scene out of the old WWII films where the fighters dive down after the slow lumbering B17s. 

Cheryl enjoyed the run so much, she is thinking about running another long run tomorrow.  I guess I could be talked into getting up early again, as long as I get another nap  in the afternoon like today. DSC_2555   We shall see.   This will be good practice for the I35 Challenge.  ( A 13.1 back to back race in two different cities) We shall see how things go before we sign up for that craziness.  Enjoy the rest of the Pics


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Paula Grady said...

Wow! Good for you! (My knees hurt just thinking about it).


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