Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cheryl’s Uneventful 20 Mile Run

    20 miles today!   For Cheryl, that is.   I simply rode alongside with the bike. 

Aside from the weather been very nice today,  there were no events worth mentioning.   There were no freak animals….Bessie in a Bog

no Bessie….

Bigfoot On Pre-Morning Trail

No Big Foot….


I always knew the Corn was the perfect hiding place for these green men.

And no space Aliens to speak of. 


Just Cheryl with me in tow.  Alien in the DimlightPerhaps it was because we started about an hour after sunrise this time.   Everyone knows that those “unusual” items come out just before first light.  When shadows are long and picture quality is fuzzy.



Mossy TrailI guess the only “event” that could be noted was that part of the trail was covered with a thin slippery moss.   It was quite pretty….and irritatingly slick!   Cheryl, several times,  had to slow down and pretend she was ice skating rather than running.    Even I slipped a bit with the bike…..never a confident feeling.  Cheryl Avoids Slippage The frustrating thing was that we can not risk any injury at this point. ( Heck,  when is it EVER a good time for an injury?)


Running without water today


  In addition,  Cheryl did the entire 20 miles without any additional water.   Not that that is a good thing….but at least she now knows it is possible. Running without any breaks for Fueling!

She even skipped any breaks!    The only mid-run fueling she had was one banana.  

Cheryls Next Goal!   Running with No Oxygen!  It worked out so well that she may consider doing the next long run without any Oxygen.   If She can pull that off,  then pretty much any marathon ( or climb up Mt Everest)  is possible!

So, tomorrow we leave for Wisconsin for a half marathon in Madison.   Looks like it is the only race in August….so we are going.   I’m hoping for some good pictures and some good beer sampling.   I guess the After-party will have lots of  samples from the Wisconsin Brewing Company.   Perhaps we will be able to bring back some samples home with us,  after Ice cream.

Ommegang Dry Hops.....$15 a bottle!  It had BETTER taste good! In the mean time,  We sampled a New Omme-Gang beer a couple nights ago.  The Dry hops have a wonderful refreshing snap.   Not to bitter or tart.   It was a nice taste test, but the single bottle was rather expensive, and I’m not sure I would want to have that flavor all the time at that price point.   Let’s just say that I believe there are “nicer” beers out there for a more affordable price.  It was pretty good though, and if you are looking for something different,  give it a try.  

As for now,   I guess Anime,  Then Packing up for the trip tomorrow.   With Madison only three hours away, we should have plenty of time for packet pickup and a small tour of the city.   Perhaps I will be able to stratify my picture taking locations like I did During the Lincoln Run.   We shall see 

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