Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cheryl’s 12 Mile Possum Run!

DSC_2684thD649AHA0 Either that or Fog run.   It was rather misty this morning.   However,   We have never seen a possum on the trail, until today.   Thus…the title.  He was cute, and small…but I was unable to snap a pic of him before he ran into the shrubs.DSC_2736     

12 miles might not seem like much as Cheryl works back up to her Marathon peak, but we ran 18 miles on Friday!   DSC_2785She wanted to run 12 miles yesterday, but the heat was predicted to be over 90 degrees, so we opted instead to run today.    I guess she was feeling frisky, because she tried to keep an 8 minute per mile pace for all 12 miles.   The boredom on yesterday must have energized her.

DSC_2652 As for me,  I was able to try out my new Subaru Cycling attire.   The bottoms are more like a high school wrestling uniform and that presents a challenge when having to go to the bathroom.  I’ll leave it at that. 

Then there is the top… is left handed!   Meaning I have to zip it up backwards!  Perhaps because it was created in China?    That also explains the 2XL size…..a just fit for me, but I guess in China, people do not get quite that big.DSC_2636

Other than that,    Cheryl has been sewing up some additional key rings and I have been helping with the embroidery.    It took a few tries to get back into the swing of things. DSC_2638  Who would think that you forget how to use the machine after only a few months?

DSC_2712So the sunrise was pretty.  And we managed to beat the heat before it became unbearable.   I guess the temp is supposed to cool off over the next few days.  We shall see how things go there. 

Perhaps I will try to fold up something this afternoon.   It has been a while since I have tried anything overly complicated.   Maybe a challenge is what I need to kick start the Origami bug within me.  We shall see.

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