Friday, August 7, 2015

The “Real” Big Finish!

  Big_Finish_ Scoring for EthanThe Field test scoring finally finished up yesterday.   Well,  for me anyway.   Cheryl, being such an “Awesome”  scorer was drafted ( kidnapped?) into staying an additional day or two.   Too bad for her she refused to follow my plan on being “Just Good Enough” to finish the project but not be asked to do anything additional.  It is all very strategic and purposeful on my part.  I try to plan for everything.

Broken-spoke.   common?  Or is this just me? So…with my new found time today,  ( while she drudges away with QC and “other” duties)  I have already been super productive….I fixed my bike,  ( another broken spoke)  brought in and fixed a book shelf from the shed, and helped Hiro catch a Vole.   Add to that that I’m able to write up a blog post without being totally exhausted, and you will see that my “Just Enough”  work ethic is paying off handsomely.  Meadow_voCute little Vole....don' ya just want to pet it?   I have not even begun to contemplate my next move…..should I take a ride on the fixed tire to make sure things are good?  Perhaps fold an Origami?  Maybe simply take a mid afternoon nap to recharge my Mind and Body… Oh, the Options….

don't call me fat!  I'm trying to get in shape here! I’m not sure why I keep breaking spokes on the bike.   My first guess is that I’ve been gaining weight and my poor back tire buckles under the strain.  That is from the “self loathing” side of my brain…..however.    The more “practical”  ( or delusional…depending on how you look at it) puts the blame on the rocky gravel roads that I travel during the evening bike rides through the country.   Add in the fact that I “occasionally” go “Off Road” into the fields and trails where long grass and foliage await in silence.  Mother nature messing with my Spokes! The long grass tends to wrap around the chain and spokes and pulls on them.  It is probably a combination of both: The spokes,already being pushed to their limits trying to support my “Extra Chunky” bulk, while at the same time being pulled from the sides by the long tangled fibers and debris of nature.  I should try to be more careful. ( and lose some a little chub!)

Listen!   It's right there!

As for the cat:  Hiro managed to catch a vole today.   I happen to know that there are more in the yard, as he almost caught another one mere moments ago.POUNCE! I actually thought he was simply playing with Crickets in the yard.   ( he does play with insects when nothing else is around)  I was surprised when his head popped up and he had a small rodent in his mouth.  And I just happened to have the camera!   He was very excited!  ( well, so was I actually)  GOT IT!Now I love all God’s creatures, and I would wish no harm on any small mammal intentionally.  But Cats and Mice have had this “thing” going on for years now.   It must be programmed into their DNA.  I’m sure the little guy hardly knew what hit him. Look at me!  Look at ME!    Hiro was jumping up and down like a Fox in deep snow.  The Vole was thoroughly dead by the time I could take it away from the cat.     It was moving just a sec ago.....maybe if I touch it. So…..I may as well let Hiro have a little fun with his prize before he gets bored with it.  It was not like the Vole was going to feel anything.   (They are so fragile, after all)



alone-with-my-thoughts  So, with the project over now, and Cheryl confiscating the car….I’m left home….alone with my thoughts and problems……what ever shall I do?    As mentioned before…I’m so super productive when I’m doing things for myself.  Who Knows what I will come up with...Muahahahaa! HAHA! Jobs that normally take hours are done in mere minutes whenever I’m in charge.   It’s actually quite the problem!  But…I’m sure I’ll soldier through some how.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend….and if you are like me,  your new found time.    Cheryl’s long run is coming up and I’m looking forward to the fun.

More Pics of Hiro’s Vole Hunt!

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