Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cheryl’s 14 mile T-Rex Run!

Cheryl running 14 miles...AGAIN! Well,  Cheryl has been trying to up her mileage lately, so we have been incorporating a “Medium Long Run”  somewhere mid week.   I don’t mind because I get to bike along side her on a groomed trail instead of the rocky gavel roads around here.

Today was a pretty good day for running.  I think Cheryl might have set a record!    A cold front was supposed to roll in last night, and it has been overcast the better part of the day so far.  But,  Perhaps the most important factor….was the T-Rex we stumbled upon during  the run.A VERY rare encounter...we are used to it by now

Seeing animals on the runs have been fairly common…especially in the morning.  We have been seeing animals that you just don’t regularly see during the day.   Sometimes we see things that are REALLY rare….so I guess seeing a T-Rex should not be too surprising…given everything that has happened before on these runs.

At first we were a little surprised.   You just don’t see these things outside of a Steven Spielberg Movie.   However,  after the initial shock,  we decided that we did not want to hang out and become friends with it….so we decided to continue our run……away from it. Too bad there were no Tar Pits close by

Of course it had to give chase…..That IS what these things do, after all.  Luckily,   it has been raining and we just happened to be next to a bog.   A Tar Pit would have been arguably better, but we were not in the position to be fussy.  Dino's LOVE tar pits!

  Everyone knows Tar Pits and Bogs seem to draw Dinosaurs like moths to flames.   I guess they find them irresistible.   The T-Rex  was no different.  I’m not sure what the appeal is….they can’t swim very well with those tiny forearms and big teeth.   Once he dipped his toe in,  Just dipping a toe into a bog and the rest is ....Prehistoric history!he sludged down to a crawl….allowing us to gain enough distance to lose him.  I was tempted to look back and see what became of him,   But sometimes it is better to let extinction and natural selection take its coarse.  Dinosaur Running!

Other than that,  the run was rather uneventful.  I’m sure the Dinosaur chase helped provide the motivation for Cheryl’s new personal record.  What a great way to ruin a training run! No one wants to be eaten by a T-Rex on a training run, after all.     I was not too concerned since I was on a bike.  I’m sure if there had been other people with us, All you really have to do is outrun someone else.    The reason people group up in crowds, after all. Cheryl would have been more relaxed as well, since she would have been able to outrun at least one of them.  Having a group of people helps take the stress off the individual……since there is safety in numbers. 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far…..oh! and avoid any bogs in Keota for a few days….if you find yourself in the area that is.

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