Monday, August 31, 2015

Subaru CURED!

 subaru_fixed_  Today was the moment of Truth!   It was the moment where I find out if the $80 ( and some change!) ultimately fixed the problem with the Subie’s hiccups after fueling. The “Check Engine” light has been off ever since I made the repair and as Cheryl filled up the gas tank to the max,  I started the car with out any problems!  No stalls. No stutters. Just the normal “Vroom!” of the engine starting up.   I almost didn’t notice that it was a Subie Shines!major moment.  Which was probably a good thing since I did not do anything to mess with the results….like step on the accelerator to “prime the pump.”

Thus!!   Subie has been cured!   And is now in Full Recovery!   This is a good sign, so now I can finally get over my cough….You see,  I believe my health and the Subaru’s health are linked somehow. keep-calm-and-love-subaru-9   I’m not sure of the details…..but when the Subaru acts funny…I begin to feel bad as well.  Maybe we are linked spirits.   I have heard that, for some people,  a car is an extension of them. Everyone should have one I’m beginning to see the evidence in that saying.  Subie started acting weird when I started coming down with this cold.  Now that I’m almost over it,  Subie is feeling and acting MUCH better. 

To keep the feeling alive, I also changed the oil today.   I have been monitoring the mileage for a while, since my counter resets every time I disconnect the battery terminal.  Hopefully that will take us up to the twin cities before the next one.  

Foggy Trail Run So, other than that,  Cheryl and I ran/biked 14 miles yesterday.  Not much to note other than the fox was thick and heavy.   It never really lifted until well into the afternoon.  The heat definitely picked up.  I’m sure it tipped 90 degrees today.  This makes running and biking much more adventurous.  Cheryl may have to wake up earlier tomorrow, and that means I will have to as well.   She wants to top 100 miles one of these weeks, but she only ran 7 miles this morning.   I guess it could still happen later if she is feeling ambitious.  We shall see.

First Oriole of the year! For the First time this year,  I have seen my first Baltimore Oriole!   Not only was it up close and personal, it was outside out very window perched on the hummingbird feeder!   I quickly put out some mandarin Oranges to see if I can coax it back.  Hopefully he will stay a bit longer and grace us with his presence.   They are a very pretty and colorful bird.   Usually the neighbor has one or two hang around, but this year, nothing……until now.   I’m very excited!  Even as I’m writing this, I’m looking out the window to see if he has returned and finds the oranges appealing. …( A peeling……hehe!  Peeling oranges….hehe!)

Tomorrow we have a 15 mile run scheduled.  And I guess we have a Date with Barb at a Sushi place in town.  Next week, I’ll be starting my Pearson Project…..Lots of things to look forward to in the near future.  Hopefully things will all work out. 

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