Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost There!

keep-calm-were-almost-there-12The Project is almost complete!  We finished with the initial scoring today and sent the rest of the regular scorers home.   ( Lucky them!)  Unfortunately ( or fortunately…depending on how you look at it.)  Cheryl and I are holdovers on clean up duty along with the rest of the table leaders.  It is not so bad….there are few distractions with fewer people in the room.  However, along with that there are some really long hours in silence.  CLEAN_UP_CREW_for testing!

The good news is that last year, it went by pretty fast.  With everyone on QC, the work seemed to run by smoothly.  Cheryl is hoping for a full weeks worth of work left, while also hoping to be done wit everything.   I’m in the  “hurry up and get it done!” camp.   I guess I have scored just one too many essays and the “magic” is over…..they are just drudgery now. almost thru

I am looking forward to a full week of recovery after this project….and I may just get it. Cheryl and I are at a bit of a loss as to what to do after the project has wrapped up.   almost-therefaster this time!Cheryl wants to find another job….one with a little more “permanence” while still paying a decent wage/salary.  Good luck there!  


Pearson offers for ME?As for me,  I just got another scoring gig offer from Pearson.   Me!   The guy who is done with scoring!   It only figures….  Try to get out and they Keep pulling you back in……

And I was so looking forward to working at the apple orchard making hard cider on weekends for $9 an hour! hard-cider-recipe  Well,  the Pearson gig pays more….and it is at home during the hours of my choosing.    Guess I will have to learn “Home Brew” some other time!





As for now,  I just got back form a bike ride and was swarmed with kittens!   on the corner of the neighborhood, there is the “”Kitten House” were a bunch ( about 9 of them so far) kittens of black and tiger gray color frolic in the yard.  untitled I’m sure if I wanted to replace Rash,  it would be as simple as grabbing one of these guys and running home.   ( I don’t think the owners of the house care much for the cats…other than feeding them.)  Ah but we still have one cat and we are not sure if we are going to move in the future to a place where two cats are not welcome. black_cat_amugged by kitten cuteness!  It’s all so ….complicated.  

In the mean time,  I’ll continue to feed the dogs treats on the rides and pet and play with the kittens on my way home.   It’s a sweet deal with no strings attached…so far.         

Hope everyone is having a great weeks so far.   I wonder if Hard Apple Cider is like brewing Beer?

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