Friday, August 21, 2015

Madison Mini Marathon Packet Pickup

Yeah!   Racing Wisconsin! So here we are in Madison Wisconsin.   The race is tomorrow and we are looking forward to a fun and exciting race in a foreign city on a cool summer day. 

We shall see if all those things come true.  These shoes are too onder they have been discounted!

First:   I shall begin with the note that this is the first run we will have done in this state.  ( plu-perfect passive!)  I made sure Cheryl got the Welcome sign this time.    It’s important for the blog records after all!

I alwasy wondered what happened to the ones in Iowa Cheryl finds the packet! The race and the packet pick-up are on the University Of Wisconsin  Campus.  Pretty cool after being surrounded by all those Hawkeye fans to see a city covered in Badgers!   I had no idea that the Wisconsin won back to back Rose Bowls! Rose Bowl winners?   I alwasy thought Michigan won them! I always thought only Michigan won those. 

Cheryl ready to move Packet pick-up was fast and easy.   Cheryl did not want to hang out with the other vendors.  I was ok with that since we are here to get pictures for the blog……Oh!  And run!

   Trying to figure out tomorrows Parking situation might be a challenge ( it always is whenever we are in a new city) Are we in the city or on the campus?  Or in the ARMY?  We had to park up on the fifth story of the parking garage.  I’m hoping we can arrive early enough to find a close space and one that is low to the ground.  The Layout of the campus is similar to the Iowa City one in that the campus and the city are basically one giant cluster of confusion. Time to find the car!  It is difficult to distinguish what is college and what is the city! 5 Stories High! I imagine there are people from Iowa City who will think differently from my opinion….but we attended Michigan State where the line between East Lansing and the College Campus was very clear. 

Why the big deal?   Well,  Student Pedestrian and Cyclist are the WORST when it comes to not paying attention.   Or…they are just rude!    They know that cars are going slow and must yield to them so they approach on blind spots and waltz out into traffic willy nilly!   Call it a Pet Peeve….Very Blue!

  Back at the room,  Cheryl tried on her new shirt…..a standard tradition by now.   I like the color.Cheryl Sports her Shirt 

And now we are winding down and sampling a local brew from Wisconsin.   This Capital Lake House beer is pretty darn good!  Hmm....My Mising Link?   I would say this summer beer rivals Honey Brown!   Many of the notes of flavor are there and similar.   I always knew that if I tried enough beers, eventually I would find one that rivals or is a close substitute for the Golden Standard for Beers.   The only problem is that the only reason to FIND a substitute is because Honey Brown is not located in Iowa anywhere!   But what good is it if the Substitute beer is ONLY found in Wisconsin?  

RootBeer Local Brew...not as good as 1919We also are sampling a Local Root Beer.   Nothing to write home about on this one.   It is drinkable, but not as good as A&W Draft….Or Schell’s 1919 Draft Root Beer.   Cheryl continues to search for that elusive Black Cherry beverage we fell in love with in Duluth,MN.   Maybe next time. 

Wish us Luck tomorrow!   I’ll need it trying to find the best places to take pictures.My H is MIssing!     And,  It may be impossible to notice from this posting, but my “H” key on my keyboard keeps skipping……it is annoying because I have to constantly go back with Spell check and repair the damage of Typo’s.    And sometimes Spell Check does not catch everything.   It’s a toug life sometimes, but I guess you ave to eroically drive on. 

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