Wednesday, December 30, 2015

29000 words! And even more Deer!

Time to get back in the saddle...
As the title suggests,  I have been trying to continue on with the book project.  Seems like a lost causes nearly a month after the initial deadline.   But hey,  what else is there for me?

I'm not sure where I left off in the count...probably 28000 words.   But the scene I have been working on is a carefully layered scene were little or no action takes place, but a bunch of groundworks has to be laid.  There will be references later that are meant to be foreshadowed...( at least that is what I intended to do.)   I have to create a situation where the author has to change the current situation, after spending nearly 1000 words describing how he does not want the situation to change.   Confused?   Hopefully I will be better at sorting out things in the actually chapter.  We shall see.
Worth the extra .5 miles in the snow...

Other than that,  Cheryl and I walked to Dunkin Donuts today on our snow walk.  It's slightly farther ( about 4 miles.)  but the call of a Boston Creme donut  is worth the extra effort.

Small 4 point with 4 does
In addition to seeing a slightly new path,  we also saw another group of deer.   This time a small group of 4 with a moderate 4 point buck trailing along the end.   It was cool, because one of the does walked right up to us.   Cheryl was a little concerned that we were getting too close, but there was no danger of a confrontation.
  I guess the Doe must have been used to people to get that close.   I wonder if I had had a carrot or something if she would have walked right up to us.   Who knows?   We were able to watch them for quite some time, with the buck hanging towards the back while the doe did all the investigating.  It was another cool moment in Coralville.
Looks like so much fun!

Another note about the walk:   The weather was cool, but lacked the wind that usually makes snow walks so much "fun".   There were obviously several other people out on the trail over the last several days, ( judging by the tracks) but the only folks we saw out there while we were walking were the cross country skiers.   They made it look so fun, even Cheryl suggested that we may have to look into that in the future.
I'm finally able to go swimming now!

As for Now,  My swimming goggles, cap, and water shoes all arrived today, so Cheryl has deemed it "swim day" tomorrow.   I can't wait!   Either to try out my stuff and look cool....or sink like a stone and look foolish after all that grief I gave Cheryl last time.    Wish me luck!

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