Monday, December 21, 2015

Freedom from Stockings, and Projects Around the Apartment.

Well,  Cheryl wanted to keep the stockings available for the weekend, but a couple of worried customers forced her to change her mind.   It's a tough call, because the moment we closed the shop,  she was overrun with people wondering if they could make a quick purchase, or if we were coming back.   Then,  When she reopened it,  people wanted custom orders that take several days to complete.   Ah well,  you can't please everyone all the time.

So,  the game is over and we are now shut down.   The people asking where's their stuff  are usually the ones receiving it the very day they send the E-mail.  So there is no real reason to respond or reassure them.   It is all in the US postal service's hands now.

So, with our new found time,  we are at a loss on how best to spend it.   Cheryl still can't run.  In fact,  we tried to walk the other day and THAT inflamed the area.   All of the runners forums basically say the same thing "STAY OFF IT!" for 6 weeks or MORE!  But,  Cheryl has become a runner through and through she is always "testing the waters"  only to re-aggravate the problem.

So, with running and cycling off the table,  what else is there?   I have thought about getting back into my book,  but coming off the  stocking season requires  some adjustment time.  So,  instead,  we have been touching up a few things around the place to try to make things appear more like a home and not a shack from the '50's

Yesterday, I painted the bathroom.   Nothing to flashy, but the yellow paint from yester year has finally gotten to Cheryl and she was willing to spring for a $15 can of semi-gloss paint.  I was in charge of the actually application, as I'm slightly taller than Cheryl and can supposedly reach the ceiling without an extension.  Surprisingly,  it went "ok" and I only made a slight mess that Cheryl was quick to point out.   It's always nice to have someone around who can point out all of my flaws.

Before 1950
Before 1950...with light on
Today,  I tackled another part:   Removing and replacing the old light fixture!   I 'm not fond of working with Electricity.   Even though my Brother and Father were both electricians!  But I managed to install the fixture without burning the place down,  And it does not look half bad.   Now only to swap out the lightbulbs,  because these ones seem to make everything look yellow-ish.

After!  With Cheryl's Approval!
I should have had a picture of the process During the installation,  rather than just the before and after.  Whoever installed it before, skipped a couple of steps and made the outlet and toggle switch useless.  But hey,  It gave me the confidence that I certainly could do better than that...

So, there it is.  Allenbrite Studio employees trying to find their next goal in life..that does not have anything to do with running...until Cheryl gets better.  Which...could take a while.   We shall see.

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